emptyProject Highlights

Intercontinental Development
Ft. Washington, PA
Three Bulding Investment Purchase 96,000
International SOS Assistance Inc.,
Multiple Locations
Headquarters Renewal
& Expansion
Branch locations nationally

Data-Core Systems
Bristol & Bensalem, PA
Multiple Office Renewals/Relocations 65,000
Linda’s Stuff
Hatboro, PA
Headquarters Relocation & Expansion 57,200
Trevose, PA
Office Expansion & Relocation 16,500
L.B. Bohle
Warminster, PA
Flex Renewal 10,500
Field Diagnostic Services
Langhorne, PA
Office Relocation and Expansion 10,000
FMC Technologies
Lansdale, PA
Office Relocation 9,500
Trevose, PA
Office Relocation 6,500
The Procz Group
Langhorne, PA
Office Renewal 3,700
Angus Analytics
Langhorne, PA
Office Relocation 3,200
TPG TeleManagement
Langhorne, PA
Office Relocation 3,000
Recirculation Technologies
Ft. Washington, PA
Office Relocation 3,000
Graphic Arts Association
Trevose, PA
Office Renewal 3,000
Advanced Care Lean Solutions Group, Ltd.
Trevose, PA
Office Relocation 2,000
East Coast Mortgage
Ft. Washington, PA
Office Lease 1,800
Winthrop Resources
Trevose, PA
Office Renewal 1,505
Gillmon and Yockey
Trevose, PA
Office Renewal 1,000

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