Created in 1979, Gola Corporate Real Estate, a fast growing tenant and buyer advocate provides expert custom turnkey real estate solutions to corporate clients in suburban Philadelphia and beyond.

Gola never represent landlords, sellers, or developers, so our fiduciary obligations are clear. By avoiding any actual or perceived conflict of interest, our clients never need to wonder where their broker’s loyalties lie. We use that loyalty and freedom to craft the most aggressive transactions available in the marketplace.

Annually handling over two million square feet in transactions, we marry our extensive knowledge and experience with your unique needs to create a perfect commercial space to maximize your business.

Renewing a lease demands knowledge of the market, complex research, analysis, superior negotiation skills and informed decision-making. Finding and securing new office space entails managing and solving a vast logistical puzzle of construction contractors, interior designers, furniture purchases, movers, and voice and data contractors.

Our talented representatives, and skillful in-house project support staff partner with you to adeptly handle all your needs and walk you through each step of a project including space planning, office relocation and expansion, lease renewals, build-to-suit projects, move budgeting, construction management, and much more.

Clients including, Main Line Health, Godiva, Gannett Fleming, Med Risk, JG Wentworth, International SOS, IFM, and hundreds of other firms of all sizes agree: No other corporate tenant/buyer representative provides the level of services that Gola offers, at NO CHARGE to you, the client.

Gola isn’t just localized to the Philadelphia region and has handled requirements for our clients throughout the country and abroad. As part of the Alliance of Tenant Representatives, we can help you locate real estate in any part of the country – and even abroad. Click here to learn more.