“I worked at my father’s commercial real estate business part-time while attending LaSalle University and then full-time after graduation.

From early on, I noticed an inequity. When negotiating a lease or sales agreement, the owner/landlord usually held all the cards. They would show up with a team including their listing or sale agent, an architect, and a construction general contractor. The tenants and buyers had a broker, but usually that broker was also the seller’s listing agent or an agent that generally did not represent the tenant/buyer.

Although the property owner paid the commission, the commission was built into the price of the lease or purchase price, so in reality our commission came from the tenants/buyers who far too often were left to fend for themselves. It occurred to me that the tenant/buyer needed much more.

In 1994, Rod Neary and I started our tenant/buyer advocacy. Two years later, in 1996 to enhance our clients’ experience, we hired a top-notch Fortune 1000 facilities Project Manager to join our effort. At the time, this was a risky and revolutionary move in our industry, but since then, we haven’t looked back. Our innovative move gave our clients free access to an expert who provided a host of move and project related services and could counter balance the property owner’s team of professionals.

Since then, we have hired other project managers and tenant/buyer representatives. We’ve grown organically, on a steady upward trajectory, handling larger deals and bigger needs. Today our list of satisfied and repeat clients is both notable and numerous. We offer free complete turnkey services and employ skilled real-estate planners, negotiators, lease administrators, lease purchase evaluators, market analyzers, CAD floor plan layout specialists, furniture, telecommunication, wiring, construction coordinators and monitors and relocation managers.”

– Mark Gola