Gannett Fleming

600,000 SF
“Gannett Fleming has been using Gola Corporate Real Estate to identify and contract for our professional office needs throughout the U.S. for as long as I can remember. When I am contacted by other firms offering these services, I tell them we are completely satisfied with Gola and have no interest in changing. Why don’t I hesitate? Because the only words I hear about Gola from our managers are “fantastic”, “thorough”, “responsive”, “energetic”, “enthusiastic”, “resource-ful”, “knowledgeable”, “passionate”, and “easy to work with”. Further, as the CEO, I really appreciate that they save us money.”
– Bill Stout, Chairman and CEO

Gannett Fleming is an international planning, design and construction management firm based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. With over 60 offices employing over 2,300 highly qualified individuals that provide an array of services in the transportation, facilities, water/wastewater, environmental and information technology disciplines.

Gola Corporate Real Estate has been Gannett Fleming’s exclusive national broker for the last eighteen (18) years effectively acting as their outsourced real estate department. Gola has been responsible for site surveys, lease negotiations, project management and lease administrations for all locations throughout the United States and Canada.